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How to use Facebook to land a job

Did you know a survey carried out by Jobvite found that 83% of people use Facebook in their social media search for work, compared to that of only 36% who use LinkedIn. Jobvite also surveyed recruiters, where a staggering 65% search for candidates via their Facebook profile. So don’t fail to optimise your Facebook profile when searching for work, it seems you could land your ideal job position by utilising this platform.

Know your privacy settings

If you’re going to be using Facebook to gain industry connections, and seek that ideal position, then you may want to update your privacy settings. If you’ve applied for as position and the recruiter takes the opportunity to seek out your Facebook profile you need to make sure your profile is visible, you can do this by enabling “who can look me up” in your privacy settings. This means whenever somebody types in your email or name you will be visible to that person. With that being said, you may want to hide what you share with your personal friends from the prying public. Switch all your ‘personal’ status’ to ‘friends only’ and update this to ‘all of time’ – Going forward you should only share professional status’ with the public. To change who you share your status’ with click the ‘friends’ drop down box where you post your status and change this to ‘public’. Sharing relevant industry content, posting articles, and comments relevant to the industry you are seeking to be part of will make you stand out amongst other candidates.

Fill out your employment history

Facebook allows you to enter in your previous employment and educational history. Make sure you utilise this option to promote your expertise in your desired industry. By writing a brief description of your job role and your accomplishments you can really catch the eye of that 65 % of recruiters searching Facebook for their desired candidates. And remember to make all this information public.

Join Groups

Facebook isn’t really used as a job board, but there are plenty of groups you can join that post regular jobs in and around your local area. Better yet, if you have a very specific business you would like to become a part of, joining their Facebook group will keep you in the loop for any upcoming positions.

Be professional

Facebook is primarily a place to connect and share thoughts and experiences with your friends and family, so don’t feel like you have to be professional all the time. There are options available so that if you do have professional connections on your Facebook profile you can block them from seeing certain posts. Once you have written your status before pressing send, click on the ‘friends’ drop down box and click on ‘more options’, from there click the custom link and you can type in the ‘don’t share with’ box the names of the individuals you don’t want to share this post with. To make this simpler you can create a list of all your professional contacts on Facebook, by going into your friend’s list and hovering over your professional friend’s button until a drop down box appears, click add to another list and add your list ‘Professional Friends’. Adding all your professional friends into this list means you can block the whole list from seeing certain posts by typing in ‘Professional Friends’ to the ‘don’t share with’ box.

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