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Talking to your family about debt

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Being in debt can bring a sense of shame, which is all the worse when the debts have become unmanageable. If your family hasn’t known about your borrowing, or hasn’t known the full extent of it, the idea of telling them what has been going on can be too much to manage. It’s important to find a way to talk about debt with them though: often your family are your best support circle, and it’s not fair to wait until the consequences of problem debt arrive at your door before telling them what has been going on.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people struggling with debt. Here are some of the most effective strategies we’ve found for talking about debt with your family:


Conversations about money worries are always hard, but being calm, being honest, and having a plan can make things easier for everyone involved. If you need advice about problem borrowing or unmanageable debts, please call us today on 0800 088 2599 or 01282 218218 to speak to one of our friendly experts. We don’t judge anyone and can help you find a way out of debt.


Example Unsecured Debts

1 Personal loan £4,755
2 Credit card £4,755
3 Store Card £4,755
4 Council Tax £4,755
5 Fuel Debts £4,755
6 Overdraft £4,755
Total Owed £28,530

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