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Eat well for less

Eat well for less

A healthy diet is not about Instagramming your freshly chopped tomatoes on flatbread with rocket. It’s about eating healthy foods that keep your body and mind well nourished, foods that enable you to tackle the day ahead feeling pumped and energized.

The average family of four in Britain will spend £225 a month on food (according to Office for National Statistics), and that is before any of the special occasions such as parties, Christmas and social events. But did you know there are ways you can shop for less and keep it healthy, and we are about to tell you how.

Step One – Make a list

Taking time to draw up a weekly meal plan will enable you to keep within a set budget. You could even plan your following weeks meals around any of the left over fresh food you have available from last week’s shop. Any ingredients you don’t have add them to your shopping list at this point.

Step Two – Don’t go shopping while you’re hungry

Don’t leave the house to do the weekly food shop on an empty stomach, if you’re hungry you’re going to over indulge on the shop and possibly buy things you don’t need, such as high fat goodies and snacks piled high with sugar. Not to mention the effect this will have on your budget.

Step Three – Buy frozen

We don’t mean frozen chicken nuggets, of course not! But you can buy frozen fruit and veg, they are ready to use and the vast majority come as they should, with no added salt or sugar! A great advantage of buying frozen is you can make them last a considerable amount of time longer than if you buy fresh fruit and veg, and let’s be honest, it’s miles cheaper to do it this way too.

Step Four – Try cheaper brands

This is a process of illumination game and sometimes you might not make the right choice, but if it’s a risk you’re willing to take then you could save some serious dollar. By just switching from Heinz tomato ketchup to ASDA own brand you make a whopping saving of £1.62p, and a little secret, ASDA’s own brand tomato ketchup actually had less salt and sugar included.

Step Five – Eat more vegetables

This may seem like common sense, but did you know that meat and fish are generally the most expensive ingredient on your weekly shopping list, cutting this down to make room for more vegetables will help you not only save money, but allow you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Try eating vegetarian only dishes at least two days out of the week. Here’s a group you can join – Meat Free Mondays

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