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 Bailiff Help – your rights and ways to find help

Bailiff help image of a bailiff at the front door

The thought of a bailiff breaking into your home to take property can be a frightening thought for a person struggling with debt. The most important thing to do if you are worried about bailiffs is to find out your rights and what to do if bailiffs do arrive at your door.

Bailiff Help


Bailiffs cannot just turn up at your house.

There’s a legal process creditors must follow. A default notice must have been issued by the courts, and the debtor must have failed to make repayments under the terms of the notice. The creditor must then get a Claim or Summons from the court. The debtor must be given seven days notice, so they have chance to settle the debts.


Bailiffs cannot break into your house until they have gained peaceful entry once.

Whilst walking through an unlocked door counts as peaceful entry, breaking in any other way is illegal until you’ve let them in the first time. After you’ve let them in once, they can then force entry any time they return so long as it’s regarding the same debt. It’s important to be firm and not to be tricked into letting bailiffs in to discuss the situation or whilst you find payment: keep them on the doorstep or ask them to wait in the car. If you’re concerned about bailiffs, be sure to keep doors and windows locked, and make sure everyone in the household knows not to let anyone unknown in the house without checking first.


Bailiffs can’t take everything.

Anything used for self-employed work (including tools, phones and computers, if they’re worth less than £1,350), items worth little, anything that belongs to a child or that is used only by a child, items needed to care for the elderly or ill, and items needed for the day to day lives of the debtor and their family (like clothes and furniture) cannot be taken.


You can hide or remove possessions, but only before the bailiff has gained entry for the first time.

When bailiffs come to seize property, they are looking for goods that were originally worth ten times the amount owed, to be sure that they will get enough to cover the debt. They work on the principle that most items can be resold for a tenth of their original value. It’s often better to sell the items you can afford to lose yourself, before the bailiffs arrive, as you will usually get a better price, and you can then use the money to pay off some of the debt.


The threat of a bailiff arriving is a sign that you need help to manage your debts.

It’s important to act quickly. Pay what you can towards your debts, and talk to your creditors to explain the situation. If the thought of having to talk to your creditors worries you, or if you need expert help, please contact a specialist. Hamilton Price are experts in negotiating with creditors and can begin working with you on the same day. There are ways out of debt: if you qualify for an IVA you could be debt free in 5 years. Call us today on 0800 088 2599 or 01282 218218 to get the help you need.